Lehigh Valley Yoga Tone

About Yoga Tone

Inspired by Certified Exercise Specialist and Award-winning Nutritionist, The Yoga Tone Studio is a scientific full body workout for incredible tone, balance, conditioning, and performance. You build strength and stability in the muscles that support your core, improve balance, assist injury prevention, build a lean physique, and become better at everything you do!

The combination of Yoga and Resistance training does more than just make your muscles stronger-- it can also boost your metabolism, reduce inflammation, increase your mood, and much more!

Each class accommodates every level, whether you are brand new to exercise or looking for a one stop shop to accomplish all your wellness goals. Angie provides valuable instruction, modifications, and encouragement to each student.

Angie values the importance of smaller class sizes to ensure comfortability, camaraderie, and friendships among like-minded people. There will be a 10-person max for each class.

About Angie

Angie began her career in the fitness industry as an Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer under the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She later earned her Nutrition Degree realizing the importance of optimizing exercise and nutrition for maximum health and physique results. After a decade of weight training, group fitness classes, and high intensity workouts, the study of Yoga rounded out her fitness passion, creating the perfect balance of nutrition, resistance training and yoga. Angie is an award-winning Nutritionist and wellness professional well versed in a holistic approach to mind, body and spirt. She brings to her students a unique experience in strengthening the mind and muscles. The blend of yoga, group fitness, resistance training and nutrition has provided her with new tools to face the lessons in life, and enthusiasm to explore the unknown. Angie finds great satisfaction to see others achieve their goals whether it’s enhancing mindfulness, unraveling habits, strengthening the body for specific results, or just becoming a healthier, fitter version of yourself.

Angie's Credentials

  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist
  • Weight Loss Management Coach
  • Prevent Type Diabetes Coach
  • National academy of Sports Medicine Exercise Specialist
  • ACE Group Fitness & Conditioning Coach
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Cancer Exercise Specialist

Classes & Descriptions

Yoga Tone, Original

Yoga + weight training! They couldn’t be two more different disciplines, or serve more different purposes, but combined deliver powerful results, creating stronger bodies, greater flexibility, better posture, and reduced stress, along with nourishment for the soul. Not to mention the dumbbells adding knockout arms, shoulders, and back with increased upper body strength, and stronger bones! This is a popular, powerful class, but accommodates every level.

Functional Core

Exercises that focus from the abdominals out. ​You will work with some weights, and body weight exercises while moving through a series of exercises that focus on engaging your mid-section to generate movement and increased core strength.

Yoga Stretch

This class will lead you through a simple yoga flow of specific stretch movements, focused on the opening of the hips, quads, and hamstrings, while also providing poses to strengthen your core and improve your balance. This class is a great compliment to any endurance program or sport specific training and is also perfect for anyone looking to gain more flexibility and mobility in their body.

Yoga Circuit

This routine pairs weights with a combo of high and low repetitions, in a series of weighted exercises and poses; the perfect power couple for building more metabolically active lean muscle mass to torch body fat and sculpt your physique. The circuits incorporate yoga movements to allow you to focus on your form, while providing modifications to every level and goal. 

Watch for special additions:

  • Retreats and Workshops
  • Nutrition Seminars and Accountability Groups
  • Wellness Parties
  • Kids Energy Release Class

Personal Training and Nutrition Consulting/Weight Loss Management Plans are also available. Please inquire about Personal Training and Nutrition Programs if interested!


  • Single Class Drop In $20
  • 10 Class Pass (valid for 6 months)$150
  • 1 Month Membership, unlimited $160

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